Welcome to X-Dimension

A new entertainment concept, A Real Escape Game


Your only mission: Escape from the room!

You have only 60 minutes!

To discover the mysteries, to find the solution...

The time flies so fast...

Stay in the lost world or get out?

Your destiny is up to you:

Your talents, reflections and imaginations...

You are a team!

The team spirit is the key to get out...

X-Dimension offers you:

4 unique themes, 4 different escaping adventures...

Takagism or Real Escape Game

A new game concept, a real adventure between friends on live

X-Dimension arrives in Paris now, with its 4 unique, creative and exotic game worlds.

We will make you travel in time, in another world which is different from your daily life.

You will be locked up in a mysterious room.

You become a prisoner, an explorer or a secret agent...

You need to use your talents, your imaginations and your creativities to solve the mysteries.

You have only 60 minutes to escape, it will be a real race against the clock!

Only a strong teamwork can help you to win the challenge...

Celebrate your events

You are celebrating a birthday?

You are organizing a bachelor party for boys or girls?

You propose a marriage?


X-Dimension offers an original event to celebrate the key events in your life.

Team Building

Surprise your employees with this innovative team building activity.

Your employees will face dozens of puzzles and enigmas which they have to solve creatively as a team.

During those 60 minutes, there will be no hierarchy. Only teamwork will bring them to a common mission: escape from the room.

Each game consists of 3 to 6 players, so you can train your staff, make them play one after another and see which team will succeed by having the best time.

Contact us at: contact@x-dimension.fr for more information.

Between friends

You organize a different party?

You find some stimulus activities?

X-Dimension is probably the one of the most original activities in Paris.

Choose one from our 4 magnificent themes, take the challenge together at a friendly place in Paris.

Come with us for 60 minutes of fun, for an unique adventure and an Escape experience ON LIVE!

Our Games

    • Le secret de la Perle Noire
    • 3 à 6 joueurs
    • Taux de sortie : 10 %

    Mission: Secret of The Black Pearl

    Players: 3-6

    Success rate : 10 %

    Time: 60 MINS

    Intro :

    You've been searching for it for a long time and you finally find it !

    The famous pirate ship, that the world thought was engulfed in the deep seas of the Caribbean.

    "The Black Pearl" is there in front of your eyes, you rush aboard to explore it from top to bottom.

    While all accesses seem locked, you find an opening by the reserve and start your exploration quietly when suddenly … the trap closes on you….


    Team spirit and organization will be essential

    • The secret manor
    • Players: 3-6
    • Success rate : 25 %

    Mission: The secret manor

    Players: 3-6

    Success rate: 25 %

    Time: 60 MINS

    Intro :

    In the corner of a granary sits an old leather suitcase, all covered in dust. Inside, you find a letter from your grandfather. He speaks of a Secret Manor...

    Throwing yourself a challenge, you decide to go find the secret manor, together with your friends. It has been abandoned for years, and after weeks of searching you finally get there...

    But as you enter, the door suddenly slams closed behind you. There is no way you can exit...

    What will you find inside the manor? Will you be able to ever get out again?.


    Use the symbols and texts inside the room to guide you.

    None of the puzzles requires the use of force.

    • The prison break
    • Players: 3-6
    • Success rate : 65 %

    Mission: The prison break

    Players: 3-6

    Success rate: 65 %

    Time: 60 MINS

    Intro :

    Several miles off the city centre of San Francisco, in the cold and windy bay, lies the island of Alcatraz. A legendary prison stands on it, one of the most impenetrable penitentiaries in the world.

    For twenty-nine years, none of its inmates has been able to escape from there alive. The few who managed to leave the enclosure of the prison all drowned in the icy waters of the bay, and their bodies have never been found.

    You are locked in this legendary prison and you are thinking about an ingenious plan to get out of there. ALIVE!

    Will you manage to become a legend and escape from this prison while the guards are away?


    Good teamwork and communication will save you a lot of time.

    Pay attention to the laser rays, their sensors are very sensitive !

    None of the puzzles requires the use of force.

    • X-Dimension
    • Players: 3-6
    • Success rate : 55 %

    Mission: X-Dimension

    Players: 3-6

    Success rate : 55 %

    Time: 60 MINS

    Intro :

    “Clack!” A clear sound of door closing brings the agents back to reality, however, none of them can recognize the distorted world around them and they begin to wonder if they have not lost their sense of reality...

    You and your team of secret agents have just been trapped in a deep dream and you have to wake up! You have to escape from that imaginary world and back to reality. You are going to explore each dimension of the dream and collect all the hidden clues.

    Can you assemble all those clues and find the final key which will lead you to escape from the dream?


    Pay attention to all the small pieces of clues that you can collect in each dimension...

    None of the puzzles requires the use of force.

    • The Tomb of Emperor Qin
    • Players: 3-6
    • Success rate : ?? %

    The Tomb of Emperor Qin

    Players: 3-6

    Success rate : ?? %

    Time: 60 MINS

    Intro :

    Years of research to learn more about the mysterious Tomb of the Emperor Qin ...

    X-Dimension needs you to explore this site dating back over 2200 years and leave for a mission that few dare to undertake.

    Go in search of his treasures, find his Terracotta Army,

    and escape before it is too late.

    Do you dare to defy his strength?

    Le conseil du Game Master :

    Attention aux tambours de bataille!

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  • Will we be afraid during the game?

    No, there is no reason to worry about it. However, there will be a countdown of 60 minutes which will make the situation more challenging. As the minutes pass, it will make you adrenalin rise. If you think that it makes you anxious, the decision to stay playing or not remains to your responsibility. Anyway, if you decide to stop the game, you can exit at any time. And our game master will be present at all time to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  • Is the physical strength necessary?

    Absolutely not. You have to use your observation skills, your intelligence and your teamwork. Also, everything you need to escape of the room is all inside the room. It’s strictly prohibited to bring elements outside the room into the game.

  • From what age can we play X-Dimension?

    Given the required capabilities for some puzzles and enigmas, the game is designed for people over 18 years old with no age limit. However, children can also play if accompanied by at least one adult.

  • Is some specific knowledge required to play X-Dimension?

    No. No special knowledge is required. You only need your observation skill, your intelligence and your teamwork, so everyone can play. This is an activity offering lots of fun to share with friends, family, your children, parents or grandparents.

  • How many players can there be per game?

    3-6 players are allowed in each room.

  • Is it possible to change a schedule or cancel a reservation?

    Unfortunately not. X-Dimension is a LIVE event, once a session is booked, no changes/cancellations might be made. Because our room is specially prepared for your team in advance.

  • Contact X-Dimension

    Email: contact@x-dimension.fr

    Tel: +33(0)1 48 05 27 95

    Address: 18 Avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, FRANCE

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